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"You won't shine brighter by putting out another person's candle"

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The awaited results are out yesterday. Malaysians waited with abated breath for the outcome. My brother and I were fighting for the remote only until 6pm. After we made sure the announcement wasn't out yet, we continue fighting for the remote and changing the channels according to our wish (Saqhib-Sports channel on bicycle, me-cartoon/TLC/Diva ; whichever is broadcasting something worthy of my interest). Then at 7:30 the results came in gradually. We decided to tune in to ASTRO Awani because their analysis are quite interesting.

For detailed results go to

What is most surprising last night after the final results were announced, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak was quite the gentleman, and there were no boastful talk present. Well done. On the other hand, he should now ask Big Momma to KEEP IT LOW because one of the factors Malaysians went the other way was because of Big Momma strutting around like she owns this country. Jangan hanya ingat hari ni, besok, lusa. Ada hikmah kenapa Allah bagi sesuatu pada kita. Sentiasa bersyukur dan berusaha menunaikan amanah. Kemenangan tipis ni adalah peringatan dari Allah.

What is most disappointing was Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim when he was reported to be unsatisfied with the polling results, also claiming there were 'undi hantu's present. There was no 'syukur', no thanks also to the people who made him win, instead; he came with an attitude of a sore loser. Ingat Allah, Dato'. Kita jangan takabbur. Bersyukur...mungkin ada hikmah di sebalik Allah tak bagi apa yang kita harap.

What is most ridiculous are the DAP wins in a totally unrelated-majority area. Sedaq la sikit abang-abang, kakak-kakak, makcik-makcik, pakcik-pakcik, adik-adik. Jangan ingat kita naik roket buleh sampai bulan. Kemungkinan besaq roket tu bawak kita pi matahari...kita ni, bak kata Prof. ulung dari UKM, jangan la takat pakai smart phone ja tapi tak smart pon.

To the PR leaders who have won, make sure you live up to the expectations of the rakyat, don't keep pinpointing to others saying things, when we are equally un'transparent'.

Finally, PAS should now contemplate to pull-out from the Pakatan Rakyat. Can't you see that if you continue with the coalition, what with the seats you've won, you won't be able to form an Islamic government? You are better off with UMNO or if possible on your own because I am totally positive many casted their votes in for PKR and DAP in hopes for you. Alf mabroor also to PAS but you guys seriously need to start thinking in a different light. Instead of 'wanting to put down the other party' why not 'how can we benefit the rakyat the most'.

Sekian, wassalam. Congratulations again to all who've won and better luck next time to those who haven't. It's important to know it all comes from God, and we should be thankful and do the best for everyone's interest. Sincerity is the strongest weapon you can have.

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