Message to envious people

"You won't shine brighter by putting out another person's candle"

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The awaited results are out yesterday. Malaysians waited with abated breath for the outcome. My brother and I were fighting for the remote only until 6pm. After we made sure the announcement wasn't out yet, we continue fighting for the remote and changing the channels according to our wish (Saqhib-Sports channel on bicycle, me-cartoon/TLC/Diva ; whichever is broadcasting something worthy of my interest). Then at 7:30 the results came in gradually. We decided to tune in to ASTRO Awani because their analysis are quite interesting.

For detailed results go to

What is most surprising last night after the final results were announced, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak was quite the gentleman, and there were no boastful talk present. Well done. On the other hand, he should now ask Big Momma to KEEP IT LOW because one of the factors Malaysians went the other way was because of Big Momma strutting around like she owns this country. Jangan hanya ingat hari ni, besok, lusa. Ada hikmah kenapa Allah bagi sesuatu pada kita. Sentiasa bersyukur dan berusaha menunaikan amanah. Kemenangan tipis ni adalah peringatan dari Allah.

What is most disappointing was Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim when he was reported to be unsatisfied with the polling results, also claiming there were 'undi hantu's present. There was no 'syukur', no thanks also to the people who made him win, instead; he came with an attitude of a sore loser. Ingat Allah, Dato'. Kita jangan takabbur. Bersyukur...mungkin ada hikmah di sebalik Allah tak bagi apa yang kita harap.

What is most ridiculous are the DAP wins in a totally unrelated-majority area. Sedaq la sikit abang-abang, kakak-kakak, makcik-makcik, pakcik-pakcik, adik-adik. Jangan ingat kita naik roket buleh sampai bulan. Kemungkinan besaq roket tu bawak kita pi matahari...kita ni, bak kata Prof. ulung dari UKM, jangan la takat pakai smart phone ja tapi tak smart pon.

To the PR leaders who have won, make sure you live up to the expectations of the rakyat, don't keep pinpointing to others saying things, when we are equally un'transparent'.

Finally, PAS should now contemplate to pull-out from the Pakatan Rakyat. Can't you see that if you continue with the coalition, what with the seats you've won, you won't be able to form an Islamic government? You are better off with UMNO or if possible on your own because I am totally positive many casted their votes in for PKR and DAP in hopes for you. Alf mabroor also to PAS but you guys seriously need to start thinking in a different light. Instead of 'wanting to put down the other party' why not 'how can we benefit the rakyat the most'.

Sekian, wassalam. Congratulations again to all who've won and better luck next time to those who haven't. It's important to know it all comes from God, and we should be thankful and do the best for everyone's interest. Sincerity is the strongest weapon you can have.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Excited for Election.

2013 Elections-Malaysia.

We have seen some big changes in the previous elections and this time, it can be considered as one of the most anticipated elections in Malaysian history where a 50-50 chance of winning is seen for the two main party coalition.

Although it is said to be one of the most anticipated event of the month/year, there are still some people who have chosen to remain unconcerned with lame excuses. These people are those who purposely remain "unregistered" for the elections. Amongst the excuses are as folows :-

1. Whatever the outcome, it is the Will of Allah so there is no reason for me to go out and cast my vote.

We say, as Allah The Exalted mentioned in Qur'an that He will not help a people who do not strive to help themselves.

2. Whoever is the ruling government, I won't lose anything.

We say, this is the selfishness of a people who, given the time when they are needed, won't stand and defend their religion and nation; instead they would be the 1st people to desert the battlefield to save their interests.

3. Politics is a dirty affair and I don't want to get involve with it.

We say, we are given the power to do something about something but instead we chose not to choose. This is purely an act of irresponsibility from the Islamic perspective and will be questioned in the hereafter. No matter how little impact our efforts are expected to bring, we still do it. Take heed of the story of the creature who spit water into the fire-pit where Prophet Abraham was thrown into. He knew that what he did won't cool the fire but he did his responsibility.

Anyway, we have incredibly obsessed supporters from either side and we have the term in Islam. They are called ta'suub which translates as to be obsessed with something or someone. This kind of behaviour is PROHOBITED in Islam, my dear brothers and sisters. Remember this! It is far more dangerous than taqlid (follow blindly without knowledge). This is because, to be obsessed, is to cast away all reason and knowledge therefore not correcting what should be corrected and continuing what should have been stopped.

We need to analyse and understand the particular subject (whom we are supporting). Take heed of the good and bad. Sometimes it may seem as if they are fighting for what you believe in, but if you look deeper there is always a catch. For example : Fighting for the cause of religion, but behind it, giving way to people who are adamant on suppressing what you are fighting for. In this case, they are saying it openly and are not bothered to do it secretly.

Or on the other hand, fighting for the cause of the nation but giving way for people to take advantage and in exchange of sacrificing all of who you are, what you believe in.

In my humble opinion, we have now come to a situation where we are choosing the better evil and not choosing between the good and bad anymore. Therefore, let us pray for guidance and think, think, weigh, and think of consequences for the votes that we will be casting tomorrow.

May Allah guide us, InSyaAllah.

Selamat mengundi, semua!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ramadhan's LIVE dramas!

Assalam'alaikum everyone!

Since we're already in the last 10 days of Ramadhan, I'm feeling especially elated to enlighten you with two short real LIVE drama! How about that?

About 5 days ago, my mother's sister-in-law booked a Tomyam place in Bayan Baru for 'bukak posa' (Breaking of Fast). It was originally intended for her staffs but she decided to treat the family as well, thus we all went. That place was already crowded when we arrived about 7.15pm. Most of the area in the shop were filled with tables with bookings for 'bukak posa' & guests have filled their tables. We got a long table for ourselves which also includes my cousins friends....honestly, our family really is the crowd anywhere we go.

We were all happily seated, chit-chatting, waiting for the Adzan...the restaurant's staffs were quite (very) efficient. We all got our tables spread out nicely with steamed fish, sweet-&-sour fish, beef and mixed vegetables. When the Adzan was called, everyone started their meals after a few simple du'a here and there. About 15 minutes through our meal, we heard a CRASH!!!

Everyone in the restaurant turned to the source which is a table with 2 of them suddenly walked away and when I asked, one of my cousins and my mother saw the whole thing...the man who walked away, was the one who turned over his table sending the plates and glasses from his table crashing and the rice already on his table flying to the next table....

The staffs hurried over and this person's friend was apologising to the staff and explained that his friend lost his temper because his food did not arrived yet...hearing that, all the customers in the restaurant shook their heads and felt really annoyed at that man! Everyone said that the only thing he got from his fasting were only thirst and hunger! Really! How can he lose his temper like that? If he had just reprimanded the staffs maybe people would be less annoyed but, to turn over the table and crash things besides throwing away rice already on the table was a bit TOO MUCH!

This morning (just now at 5.20), my father kept calling my brother's name to wake up for Soq (sahur)'s how he went :-

"Saqhib, bangkit (wake up)"...

1 minute later...."Saqhib! Bangkit la dah nk habeh soq" (for translations please comment, I'll translate then)

Another minute passed..."Hey! I said get up, Saqhib!"

(sound of the ceiling fan put at 3 from my brother's room)...still no respond from my brother....

During this time I went to wash my face and was already in my brother's room to wipe my face (I keep my towel in his room)....

At the EXACT moment I came out from my brother's room, I was face-to-face with my father (tissue box in his hand), doing a backlash pose with it!!!!! 

I was surprised and said "Omo! Apa Bab???!!" while my hand was still on my racing heart....

My mother asked, "Awat Aliya?"

I said, "Tak tau! Bab nak baling kotak tisu tu...."

Then my mother made a face asking me to shut up...I continued with my half-scared, half-bewildered face and wanted to say something when my mother gave me a dirty look, saying "Do you wish to die?! That was meant for Saqhib"....O...KAY...

As I went to make the drinks, I was really swallowing the sudden urge to LAUGH! It suddenly felt hilarious! Then, we were all seated, me opposite Ummi and Saqhib opposite Bab; then I looked at Ummi and we were both trying to control ourselves from laughing until our lips quiver....It was TORTURE!

Bab then asked Ummi something and she answered but I wasn't able to pay attention to any conversation going around the table...I wanted to laugh so much that my hands were shaking and I can't even put rice in my mouth; what more hold the salad bowl properly....I prayed to Allah The Almighty for strength......because of my depleting strength, I accidentally spilled a few drops of my HO.HO.Horlicks (uugghh! Why did I say that?) and automatically asked Ummi to pass me the tissue box (which was on the computer table behind her)...

Suddenly both of us burst out laughing until tears rolled down my cheeks....Bab, not suspecting anything laughed along while asking, "why are you guys laughing anyway?"....that made us laugh even harder!!!!

Then, I got the tissue box and did a "REPLAY" of Bab's backhand-with-tissue-box.....Saqhib was still in the dark, that brat! I said to him, "You owe me your life, man! I almost took a flying tissue box in the face for you!"

Monday, July 25, 2011

Losing & Gaining

Choi Siwon (Super Junior) was tweeting on how he's heartbroken about the passing away of his grandmother...

I can definitely relate to his feelings. On the 21st of May 2006, my one and only maternal grandmother (all the other three grandparents passed away before I was born) passed away. That was exactly a day before my cousin's birthday and 3-days before mine.

The devastation was deep...she was the type of person who never raised her voice and was cool and calm in any given situation! I've always lived dreaming of being able to make her proud of me more than she already is about all her grandchildren...sadly, she passed away just 2-weeks before I got my acceptance into university...

Entering university away from home, I stayed in the hostel (which is also a first time for me). The stress of losing her & having to adjust myself in a place so far took their toll on me. In no less that a month being there, I lost weight. Come the second month, I was physically drained and my cycle went haywire. I didn't stop bleeding for 3 straight months and only get 1-week intermission before again facing another 3-months.

One day, my family came for a visit and I was told that my skin had a terrible yellow tinge from loss of blood. That really scared me & I went to a panel clinic. After checking for possible tumors, (which was negative), the doctor came to the conclusion that I'm actually facing instability of emotions. My aunt requested me to go for a second opinion & the doctor concluded the same thing after numerous checkings.

I was really unwilling to say that I just lost my grandmother and then had to do some adjustments in my living conditions...(I am the type who always find being macho and unaffected by emotions is the way-to-go). Of course I already knew why I was facing the problem...

I realised one day that for a few years before, I've been dreaming of my grandmother passing away! Every time I would wake up crying and when realising it was just a dream, I say Alhamdulillah....Maybe Allah wanted to prepare me for that moment when it finally came true! I was really unable to breathe, my head was spinning...I never felt something as severe as that before...

Since after her passing away, I dreamt of her EVERY SINGLE NIGHT without fail for 2 consecutive years! There is a Du'a taken from a Hadith that Rasulullah (Peace be upon him) taught to recite in times of severe sadness & I did it. I can't imagine without that, how long would it take for me to recover....

When I dream of her, it's usually me in the dream knowing in a few moments she would pass away and so I would follow her everywhere, without letting go of her hands. My Jiddah (Arabic for grandma) in my dream never says a word. When I felt her time's coming, I would hug her tightly while crying...that's how I would wake up everytime.

However, I really thank Allah for giving me the chance to love her...throughout all that, Allah has given me friends whom I would never want to trade with something else...since most of my time during that period is with them, they really took care of me....Jazakumullahu khairan katheera (May Allah reward you with abundance in goodness) to my dear friends!

By the way, the blood loss I faced 5 years ago still affects me in contributing my blood now. I'm still unable to donate my blood to the blood bank! That's really frustrating! I hope Edward Cullen (Twilight) doesn't feed himself on me or I'll be dead!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

1 down, a lot more to go!

1 down refers to Hosni Mubaarak & many more to go refers to the "donkeys" I mentioned in my previous entry - "Gaza: A True Story".

I should say the uprising are a bit late but as the saying goes, "better late than never"...(I wish I know how to put in smiley icons and posts look so sterile)????

In class on Monday, a class mate from Myanmar (Sa'eed) asked the lecturer what does he think of the celebration of Maulid ar-Rasool. (In my heart) "Oh, God, Sa'eed! You are asking the wrong person!" You see, if you want to know why you are having a fever & whatnot, do you go to a, say, an engineer??? Definitely not! Unless that engineer is your father or mother or husband or anyone related to you enough to be concerned and TAKE YOU TO THE DOCTOR....

The same goes with these kinds of are asking why, when bid'ah (I'll define in my comment) is clearly a no-no in Islam we are still doing this celebration. Actually, this has to do with a series of events in the past of the Muslims in this country and some other countires who celebrates Maulid ar-Rasool. Naturally, the question should not go to a lecturer whose specialisation is in Arabic Language and not in Hadith. His reply was as I expected anyone else not in the subject would say, "but the celebration is bid'ah hasanah"....By the way, these conversation took place in Arabic and I am translating them for the convenience of my non-Arabic speaking readers.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


One of my all time favourites! I used to listen to this when I was about 5 or 6 if I'm not mistaken...although I was born in 1986, my taste of music goes way before that, besides not neglecting the top hits and genre of today...

Enjoy, dear brothers & sisters "ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE" by Phil Collins!